Villa Concerto, Symphony Bay, Sai Kung, N.T.

Villa Concerto, Symphony Bay, Sai Kung, N.T.
Maintenance Services Agreement of City-Multi Air-Conditioning System



Mitsubishi Electric PUHY-200YMX x 1  Mitsubishi Electric   PEFY- 100 x 1
Outdoor Unit   Indoor Unit  PEFY- 25 x 2 , PEFY-50 x 1

Service Plan

Service Routine Annual Price
Bi-monthly Please refer to the Note 
Quarterly $2,490.00 
Half-Yearly  $2,040.00 

(Note: Upon review and revision, we have no longer to provide Bi-monthly Services Plan. Please Kindly note

that the client who joined such Service Plan. A Quartaterly Service Plan will be offered when renewal of 

maintenance contract for your consideration or confirmation if accepted. Thank!)


a. Routine Service
i. To check and clean the return air filter.
ii.  To check and clean the air grilles.
iii. To check the operation of indoor units and outdoor condensing unit (including fan, motor, coil, etc.)
iv. To check for sign of corrosion around the outdoor condensing unit.
v. To check the operation of the functions.

b. Yearly Routine Service
i. To perform the routine service mentioned in item (a).
ii. To check the circulation of refrigerant.
iii. To check the condition of the electrical of the electrical wirings connection starters,

     isolators and condition of miscellaneous wires, etc.

iv. To examine the casing and accessories for paint chipping or corrosion.

v.  To check the condensing condition and rectify fins if found twisted or bent.

vi. To check function of the protection devices.

c. Emergency Call Out Services

We shall provide emergency call out services for the above air-conditioning units during normal working hours. (Monday through Saturday excluding Sunday and Public Holiday, from 09:00 to 17:30) Our technicians will attend to all service calls throughout the building in connection with the above mentioned air-conditioning equirpment only on ht directions of the owers oy his repesentative as advised from time to time.

In addition, we shall supply sufficient manpower manpower to carry out emergency call services as fast as possible. This emergency service will be provided outside normal working hours at an extre charge. (HK$700 per visit)