Technical Imformation 2

Technical Imformation

 2. The Replacement of the Refrigerant 


The use of non-environmentally friendly refrigerants (eg R22) will also be environmentally friendly refrigerant (R140A) substituted.

The (R-410A) do not harm the ozone layer and they are now available on the market. 

The phaseout Schedule of HCFC has been showed below:


HCFC Phaseout Schedule (e.g. R22)
1-Jan-96 Freeze Comsumption at base level
1-Jan-04 35%reduction of import for local consumption
1-Jan-10 75%reduction of import for local comsumption
1-Jan-15 90%reduction of import for local consumption
1-Jan-20 100%reduction of import for local consumption
  May allow 0.5% for servicing in the period 2020
  Such need will be reviewed by the Meeting of
  Parties to Montreal Protocol in 2015


Reference : Environmental Protection Dapartment :